Saturday, February 13, 2010

Days 41-44- SNOW and LOTS of it!

I still can't believe that the weather forcast showed the temperature dropping and the possiblitity of snow the middle to the end of the week and they had no idea how much we would actually get.  We had RECORD BREAKING SNOW here in my part of Texas 13.5 inches of snow is quite a bit and we broke the record.  It was so much fun having the snow, except the part where we had trouble getting into the garage due to poor traction in the large amounts of snow our cars are not equipped to deal with.  Our wonderful neighbor came over and helped both my husband and I shovel a path for our vehicles to get into the garage and that was just so sweet of her.  Brant had a blast and made his first snow angels since there has never really been enough snow to make an effective one for him.  He had fun pouncing through the snow and sinking into it.  We all had a blast making a snowman together and just enjoying the rare snow.  It took quite a while to melt off since we had so much of it, but we enjoyed the time it was here and are glad that we don't have to deal with it on a regular basis.  Here are some pictures of our snow fun!

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