Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11- Pairs Running

Brant and I discovered the 2 person running activity on the Wii today when I was working out.  He wanted to run with me so we gave it a try.  We are new to our Wii so I couldn't figure out how to change the second character so he was very good natured about having to have a girl as his character.  He loved how the characters would jump off of high places like cliffs and run in the water on the beach.  He had a blast and we had to do it two times that night because he couldn't get enough.  I'm sure this will be a routine he will want to try to continue doing with me as time goes on since he seemed to love it so much.  I had a great time running beside my little man as we played on the Wii together.

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  1. Hi Janine, found you on the scrapmatters P365 blogroll and jumped right on! This is a GREAT idea about the two person running! (My son, who is a bit younger than yours, and I'm sure FAR less coordinated yet)is ALWAYS looking for a way to play the "Kiwii" (as he calls is) with me and this would be so fun for him! I am so glad you posted this!