Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8 -New slippers and pajamas

Today was Friday and Brant had a great first week back to school and was good for his teachers all week so I took him to Target for some shopping and a chino.  While we were there he picked out some new Thomas the Train pajamas, and he wanted to get some slippers, but the didn't have any.  We payed for everything and went on to Payless to see if we could have better luck finding slippers, but alas all they had were ones that were too small or pink girly ones.  We tried one more place since Famous Footwear was next door we gave them a shot and the nice salesman showed us where the slippers were and there were not to many left, thankfully there was one pair left in your size so we grabbed them and went to pay.  You were very excited to have your new slippers and wanted to wear them out of the store, but I wouldn't let you since it was way TOO COLD outside so we went outside to set out for home.  I had to get a picture of your new McQueen slippers and you can even see the bottoms of your new pajamas that you insisted on wearing to bed that night in the picture as well.  I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of them as you clomp around the house in them.

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