Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 - The crazy things you do!

You love to color pictures like most kids do, and you love to give them to people.  Today you came to show us a new picture while we were each working in our offices and we noticed out of the corner of our eye that your arm was blending into your paper.  You had gotten marker ALL OVER your one arm from your coloring.  This was definitely something Mommy had to document so I went to grab the camera and told you to sit in the box that the new TV we got for Christmas came in since it is almost as tall as you and show me your arm, which you proudly did right before I marched you off to take a bath.  You were very mad that I told you that you couldn't have any color tabs in your water to make it turn colors because you already had more than enough color on your arm.  You had a great time playing in the bathtub though and soon forgot that it wasn't colored this time, so it all ended well for all of us, you were clean and you had fun.

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